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I can hear
the faint whispers
come back...come home
even though
I am lost
in the depths of darkness
I can hear them

They try so hard
those who love
and care for me
to reach me here
I am so very lost
in this private
dark hell

I seem to have
no understanding
how this this place
came to exist
Or why it attacks
My life
My mind or my spirit

I am constantly searching
for my way home

But this room
Has no doors
No escape can I see

The love I sense around me
Keeps me fighting
Fuels my hope
Gives me strength

I long to feel the light
That emanates
From that love
Filter through the

I grow so tired
Of this place
My soul is weary
And far too old

How simple it would be
To just let this place
Consume me
Keep me

There are those
Who love me
Need me

Without them
I would truly
Be forever lost

Wait for me
I whisper back
I will find
My way home

Melody Clark
Copyright©August 29, 2009

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Finding My Way Home



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