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I was relentless
In my game
I teased
with little mercy

My eyes 
Told them yes
Told them
I was hungry

with my words
If I chose
would cut down
Shut down

A new night came
For me

A night 
When I found myself
Losing control
My game becoming
Difficult to play
With a prey
That I found

My teasing
Was now and quickly
Becoming my own
My mind swimming
For my control back

As he leaned in close
I leaned in as well
closing my eyes
Breathing him in
I no longer cared
If he was taking notice
Of my submission
My surrender

As I closed my eyes
I drifted in my mind
To some other reality

He turns to me
I feel him
as he reaches for me
I take a deep breath
at the touch
And the smell
Of him

Tasting him
I no longer
To play this game
This prey
Had taken that ability
Away from me

My skills of hiding
I lost my mask
I was defeated
By this seeker

Melody Clark
Copyright© December 8, 2012

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The Art of My Mask



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