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Stand   *or...Ode To A Three-Legged Coyote

Does an animal-loving
God look out
for three-legged
That three-legged
some days, seems
like me.
She is there,
in the middle of the
forest glade
staring into me
not knowing of the
picture that she'll make.
A part of me feels lonely
for her.
But I admire her
straight-legged stance,
and the single-mindedness
of her reliance and her stare.
"I have three legs
but I'm still here.
Look at me, standing."
I nod, acknowledging her.
As she disappears
into the wood,
I feel a wound
in the place that my
heart shares.

Copyright August 8, 2013 All Rights Reserved By Author
Acknowledgment to the superb iphone photographer Kevin Russ
for his image of the three-legged coyote and even more
so to the three-legged coyote herself for making me feel wild
and human at the same time. I can only begin to imagine how
she lost her leg.

Melissa A Howells Meloo Tilt-a-World

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