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                   The Golden Years?
        THEY- say that the Golden Years are wonderful!
           My question is, who in the hell are “THEY?”
            I’ll tell you for sure “They” are under fifty years old and have no inkling
           as to what they are talking about!
         They say, “The golden years are full of leisure and pleasure…Tennis, swimming, hiking and long travels and wonderful sex!
          Now for the true facts as experienced by an eighty year old “Golden Years Senior!”
At 60- the arrival of Mr. Arthritis appears in the hips, knees, shoulders and neck to aggravate and inflict nagging pain to those joints.
At 65- comes the high blood pressure, loss of hair or graying, dentures, and prostrate problems.
At 70- it’s diabetes, loss of hearing and signs of dementia and you forget to take your med’s!          
At 75-What wonderful sex? Even Viagra no longer works!  
At 80- “They revoke your driver’s license! (Just because you ran over the neighbor’s dog in your driveway!)
85-“What time is it? It’s cold in here! Who is it… no I don’t know anyone by that name! “Grandpa it’s your brother!”
 90- Its back to your infancy, can’t see very well, can’t hear very well, have no hair, can’t remember anything, wear diapers,
cry a lot, sleep a lot and when you do talk it’s always about how great the present President is; Ronald Regan!

 Now my friend those are the true- “Golden Years!"
Jackie R. Kays  © 8/14/13

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The Golden Years?



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