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Oh, what a cold, bone-chilling night,

without any clouds and the moon in full sight.

Why is she out there, walking all alone?

She should be tucked warmly in her home,

with safety and security of all the four walls,

hidden behind the door where nobody calls.

There's something that's beckoning to her

deeply in her mind, but it seems as a blur.

Oh, the sensation that calls, so sweet,

touches emotions she keeps discreet.

Oh, the yearning she's feeling within

burns so deeply under her skin.

Each streetlight Anna passes, her emotions ignite,

going higher and higher on this mystical plight.

She thought, “What is this that's calling to me?”

Her mind says, “Stop,” but her heart says, “Go see,”

pounding ever faster with each step she takes.

She pleads, “God, please don't let this be a mistake.

I'm wearing the best clothes I own,

going somewhere into the unknown.

My mind is racing to and fro,

yet my heart says 'You must go.'”

There's a woman ahead. She's walking Anna's way,

dressed in black with a scarf that looks gray.

Should she talk to her or just pass her by?

As she got closer, Anna believed she would try.

“Hello, miss, isn't it a cold night tonight?"

She said, "It's lovely. All the bats are in flight."

Anna thought to herself, “What a strange thing to say.

It's the nineteenth of December. All the bats are away.”

As she passed, the woman hummed a tune,

instantly Anna felt sensations of doom.

She turned to run, and her ankle gave way,

there on the sidewalk in pain she did lay.

She tried not to yell out, but the pain was so bad,

she let out a scream and felt very sad.

As Anna lay sobbing she felt someone near,

and looked over her shoulder and shuddered in fear.

At first glance he seemed to be a foe,

but when he spoke her heart started to glow.

His voice was serene and removed all her pain,

although she still wondered what direction he came.

Anna stood up and her ankle felt fine.

she brushed off her dress and calmed her poor mind.

The gentleman asked, "Are you okay?"

She replied, "No, this is a strange day."

He said, “Isn't it late for you be out here alone?

If you need, ma'am, I'll walk you back home.”

The calmness of his voice gave Anna security.

Anna said, “Sure, walking me home would be alright with me.”

He held her hand. She felt his grip, it was cold and icy,

but inside of her heart was a warmth that ran free.

She didn't think anything of it because it was so cold,

and for her to trust a stranger was something quite bold.

But the tender words that he spoke as they walked along,

seemed to be melodies from a long-forgotten song.

They walked and talked about life and love with every step back to her door.

She opened it as he stood patiently near and put one foot on the floor.

He asked, “You want me to come in, don't you?”

Anna answered, “Yes,” before she really knew.

“Oh, this is so strange,” she thought deep within her mind.

He said, “I'll just stay a bit,” as he looked at the time.

Anna went and made some coffee to take off the cold night chill,

and offered him a steaming cup. He said, "I don't believe I will."

He asked, "Is that your piano? Do you mind if I play?"

She said, "If you like. It's gathered dust since my mother went away."

He opened up the keys and gently tapped on them;

the music seemed like a long lost friend.

Anna started to dance inside, feeling a loving groove,

then her whole body shook and her feet began to move.

It was like a ballet that she had always known,

this man had brought life into a once-dismal home.

She thought, “Oh, can it be that us two strangers that have met,

are connected in ways that two lovers never get?”

Once again her mind was overpowered by her heart.

The man stood up, then kissed Anna, and said, "I must depart."

All of a sudden her world crashed, and she asked, "Will I see you again?"

He said, "Yes, you may just call my name in the wind."

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