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The rain is pouring like stair rods
Bouncing off the motorway
The vision is so restricted
Difficult to tell its jus mid day.
The wipers are struggling
And they are nowhere near
Improving myvisibility and
Keeping the windscreen clear.

I'm in the near side lane
Keeping up with the flow
To me a safe and proper
Way to keep on the go.
So why is the idiot behind me,
Not even showing a side light
Without even indicating
Pulling out to the right.

He speeds on past us
In such a tearing rush
Doesn't seem to care
He's blinding us with his wash.
Oh for a pair guided missiles
To blast him  into bits
The world wouldn't surely miss
Such an obnoxious little half wit

Perhaps the traffic police could
Use those drones to take 'em out
Far too many of these
 Road hogs about.
You wouldn't need to kill many
To get the message through
There are more safe road users
Than  useless toads like you.

I may be over reacting when
These idiots get their speed thrill
Fine if they want to  suicide
But it's the  innocent  they also kill.
I suppose the human rights mob
Would kick up a big to do
But if they drove  like that
We'd rocket those bleeders too.

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