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 Lost in Time
 Waiting silently in the dark, long before early light
to the tick tock-tick tock of the old wall clock.
Mind frozen in another time and place,
smoke, flares, napalm, bouncing Betties and
screams of small children, blood on some and
some had none, for twelve long years the horrid
jungle game played on, but no one won.
The years have passed and time has taken its toll,
but for some the memories of that jungle war linger
on forever more.
Gone are the young warriors, gone are the enemy and gone
 are the heroes, who fought and died for their homeland.
The white markers are many and the names have begun to fade away.
It’s ironic how war takes so much and leaves so little as apathy sets in,
yet the old clock ticks on as all things are lost in time!
Jackie R. Kays
© 8/19/13

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