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Many people are captivated by debilitating sins - that gnaws
Away the marrow - and eventually the bones - and no matter 
How hard they try - they cannot get set free - from the overwhelming 
Power and lusts - that hold them in captivity .

Too many men are bound to lust and all its hideous enclaves - 
That chain all true emotions - and make the strongest beings - slaves -
Hidden in the darkness - alone and out of sight - peering
At the images - that bind them to the night .

Marriages are broken -  by the fantasies and games - that pornography
And drunkenness and illicit sexual habits claim - while creeping in
The shadows - or casting furtive looks - secretive and deadly -
As its victims hearts and souls are hooked .

What or who can set us free from Satan's deadly snare ? 
That drains the life-blood from the soul - and leaves us in despair -
Well - there is only One who can completely set us free - and 
Give us back our sense of worth - and longed for dignity .

That One is God the Saviour - whose Power and whose Name - 
Can free us from the shackles that hold us by their shame - there is
No demon strong enough to keep us locked in sin - if we open up our 
Hearts and lives - and let the Great Deliverer enter in .

Jesus is the answer to every sinner's need - whatever the addiction
Lust or vile greed - he can open all the prison doors - and set the
Captives free - and give us all a Hope and Future - filled with
Love and happiness - for all Eternity .

And so - for everybody who is captive to the vile enemy - whose only
Purpose is destruction - and to never set you free - don't listen to his 
Lies of hate - that leave you in despair - but turn to God - who loves 
You - and can free from the adversary's snare . 

Then your life can change - from one of hiding in the dark - and from
Creeping in the shadows - like a venomous - deadly snake - to a 
Life of Hope and Glory - where freedom is the key - and Love 
And Peace of Mind bring with it - perfect Liberty .

This my friends is God's free gift to all - who turn to Him in Spirit - and in
Truth - a Gift of Life and Honour - with no more shame or harsh reproof
Only Joy and Rest and Cleansing - from all the darkness of the past -
Where Light and Hope and Purpose - are the things that will
Forever last .


I know that there are many addictions and lusts that keep people's lives captive 
in their evil grip ....but.. Nothing is too difficult for God to set people free from ...
if they will turn to Him and ask Him to help them ....

God loves to change the lives of sinners and help them to stand up strong 
and tall , with transformed lives ....

If you are such a person that needs His help , then seek Godly counsel 
and help today .

God will always help someone who cries out to Him .So don't delay ..
He is listening and waiting to help You .

God bless you .
Stella ><


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