A Synthetic Soul

That Which Watches

I wonder.
I ponder.

The skin walker
in the trees.

Why does it follow me?

I blunder.
I falter.

Barefoot through the leaves.

I wonder.
I ponder.

The hunter
in the trees.

He stares at me
with eyes like flame.

Please go away.
Don't stare anymore at me.

Getting braver.
Coming closer.

It's eyes a piercing red.

Today it made a sound.

Like a screaming saw blade
Cutting a sheet of plywood.

But different.
Like an irritant.

That made you cover
your ears.

That sound.
It seemed directed like a beam
that emanated from all around me
or above me.

It's beginning to come closer.

It flies.
It glides.
It floats.
It climbs.

This evil in the trees
that's been watching me.

Now I know I'm not crazy.
Be aware of your surroundings.

Because that which watches me..
Just might be watching you...

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