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AUGUST 2013.

As the gentle rustle of the breeze - dances through the coming 
Autumn leaves - it stops to kiss the sun-drenched earth of  Summer
With one furtive glance -as it ruffles the still clinging leaves - as if to 
Say - ' Come on - let go - the day will come when you can no 
Longer stay - this is not home - you must 
Away .

But - like a finger grasping for a mother's frail hand - it clings - and 
Yet - as if she knows that life is holding by a mere strand - she speaks
In lowered voice - as not to scare - ' My child - the time has come for 
You to let me go - I cannot linger here - within the shadow-lands of
Yester-year - I too 
Must go .

How hard it is then for the summer leaves of yester past - to cling on
To the branch - remaining fast - though clothed in Autumn colours now 
Of richer hues - no longer lush and carefree as with warmer days - but 
Sombre - yet with one last splash of colour gay - they loose their
Grip - and sadly 
Blow away.

Should we be sad for those whose lives are in their twilight years -
Whose minds are in some other realm - though veiled in tears - when 
Breath is faltering and slow - and  muscles weakened by a lack of use and
Inactivity - are longing for departure here - and time to go - into their
New Nativity .

If only we could see beyond the veil - that stands between the Courts 
Above and earthly sight - we would not linger here - but loose the grip of
Those whose yearnings are to go - and taste of Heaven's delights - 
With spirits free at last - from earthly cares and carnal battles 
Here below .

We then -  would bid them well - and let them go - like Autumn leaves 
Escaping  through an exit door - avoiding winter's icy chill and covering of 
Its mantle of entombing snow - we'd say - Adieu - Farewell - just for an 
Interlude - until we meet upon that distant shore - where all is well and 
Seasons - as we know them - are
No more.


Earthly departure can be Heaven's  gain and triumph .....as we dare to let 
those we love go ..entrusting them into the arms and heart of the One who 
Loves us all with an Everlasting love .

God bless you all 

Stella ><


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