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My real brothers were family from their births
Though we are family to each other ever since
There are brothers to whom I owe my very life

These are my brother warriors who served with me
We all had defended our air base and our brothers
These were my Security Police brothers in Vietnam

They're still closer to me than my own brothers are
For we served a much greater cause than ourselves
They would've died for me as I would've for them

War is a most terrifying experience for anyone
Knowing at any given second you could be dead
It's something we all had faced there each day

There was one thing there that kept me strong
It was knowing that my brothers had our backs
We cared about all of our own brothers there

And each of us had relied on that very fact
You knew that they would never leave you
We all would have died to save each other

It gave you this sense of calm out there
You could stay focused on your own tasks
No matter how bad things may have gotten

I had trusted my brothers over in Vietnam
And they too trusted me with their lives
Today I honor my Security Police brothers

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - All Rights Reserved

Serving with these guys reminded me of the line
in that old song "He ain't heavy he's my brother"
Now it's been 47 year since our war and it is still
a fact of life that we all still keep in touch and
we check on each other too for we know that if it
had not been for each others own efforts over there
in Vietnam by our Security Police brothers and that
many of us wouldn't have survived that year which
still haunts all of us whether or not we will admit
it to anyone else. That same bond that we had back
then is the same one that our troops serving in this
current war feel for each other and that they too
count on each other over there to get each other
home safely to their families. May God always
protect and bless our own brother warriors who'll
always stand tall and defend our own freedom and
our own families and citizens back home.

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