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AUGUST 2013 

There are times of ramblings through the thickets of our minds - 
When tangled knots and splinters bring us to a place wherein
We find - a patch where debris - rags - and broken toys are 
Lain around - strewn carelessly - like so many childish 
Dreams - unearthed on hardened - fallow ground - and 
Yet not wanting to be found - though glimpses in
The shadows - seen 
At times.

But - bless-ed news ...

There is a river - running from the heart of God - whereby all
Memories can be removed - within their cleansing flood - and 
Only those that edify and build the one - to whom they still belong -
Can see - that when recalled - like shells washed up upon the sandy
Shore - are filled now with a quiet peace and tender harmony - and
Sounds of lapping waves - and calming seas - and inner
Healing power .

So can it be ...

That all who long for conflicts in the mind to cease - and words - 
Like shards of glass - with cutting edges - be released - so they 
Can never be recalled to wound and steal away the present 
Momentary joy - but be removed forever - like the passing 
Storm or childhood toy - with no regrets - nor longings
For their swift return - that might unsettle - pester 
Or annoy .

So - lay them down ....

Release the tensions and the stresses of the past - and be set 
Free - from all the turmoil caused by such activity - that drains 
The soul of every good intent - and purpose - that could lead to 
Life and hope and new expectancy - by just forgiving all who 
May have hurt or harmed in any way - but are no longer part
Or parcel of today - just lay them down - and let them
Be - and walk in new found peace - and love 
And liberty .

And then be Free...


Life is too short to hold on to the bad memories of 
the past , so just forgive and let the Lord set you 
free from all the painful memories so
That you can walk on healed and 
strong and happy .

God bless you ..

Stella ><

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