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SEPT 2013.

When I see couples walking hand in hand - oblivious of any
Other - hearts joined and fingers intertwined - I smile - for love is
Blossoming - in all its tenderness - with beauty as was intended by 
The Lord of Love - who breaths His sweet carress into adoring eyes
From Heaven above.

Oh love that will not let me go - You are the Master of all love as known 
Below - seeing us with all compassion - through Heaven's purest sight -
As lovers walking in the paths of sweet delight - we - who love You - 
Step out with faith and joy - towards Your 
Holy Light .

Though I may hold no human hand to call my own - I will not sorrow now 
As one alone - for I am walking with the Fairest of the fair - the Lily of the 
Valley - the Bright and Morning Star - with whom - no earthly one is able to
Compare - as heart to heart my spirit speaks - as if with wings and 
Music rare .

And so dear lovers everywhere - keep tight the hand of that true one - and
Not compare them with some movie star - whose beauty comes from 
Extra help or perfume jar - but let the love of inner depth of that dear face -
Though wrinkles show - 'tis no disgrace - hold you forever in its
Safe embrace .

Like two most graceful swans - who mate for life - and give us an example of
A  happy life - whereby they only have true eyes of love - for none other  throughout 
All their days - with loyalty and beauty - serenity and grace - so can it be for 
All who choose such paths of faithfulness and love - and
Sweet fidelity .

And so - stay faithful dearest ones - and  hold tight the hand that wears 
That given golden band - for therein lies the strength of life and love - that 
Will forever stand - and will not break - if nurtured daily from your heart and 
From the Lord - with everlasting love - and selfless give 
And take .


I just felt to write this to encourage all who are embarking on marriage 
or are already married ....Stay faithful and in love with each other , and
you will be truly blessed .

God bless you all

Stella ><

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