Walkin on Air

Life's Inner View

The picture won't leave life's inner sight
projected on my screen of reality:
dejectedly I thought,
‘If no one cares, then why should I?
I gave them love and time,
they gave me smiles and fun:
now, they want it all back.

I cannot follow the path
that leads to oblivion;
they insist to simply carry on
leaving me behind
standing alone and sad.'

A silent silky voice whispered
soothingly in my secret ear:
“Are you looking for lost dreams?
Do you want to find your destiny?
Can you see the horizon there ahead?
Stop here by this mossy stream,
moisten your lips infinitely
with life's water, expiate all fright and dread.”

At times the road ahead may seem way, oh way too long:
resolve and faith evaporates into doubts and fear;
my heart breaks into shreds of torn and sobbing song,
I wonder if my lover will come again, be ever near;
yet somehow that best picture I took with me
is of Lovelight in your heart and eyes to see:
one day  again will I find you there
in the realms of eternity.

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Life`s Inner View

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