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All Wet

rain is not the same
in Minneapolis
the weather doesn't
mess around.

standing on a corner
my consigned-to-be clothes
I am nearly swallowed
alive by a sudden

didn't plan on
that one.

I'm three blocks away from
the nearest bus shelter
and each car passing by
is creating a series of

rain is so heavy it seems
to fall from both the sky
and the ground...
sidewalks getting a real
cleaning, they seem more like
decks on a lake.

I grimace, determined,
with no bus in sight,
bus not coming for another
five minutes,
bus finally arriving to
cover me with yet another

climb aboard
I mince at the
cheerful driver
dropping in my fare
nearly sliding all the way
to my

make it to my destination,
enter, my shoes squeegee-squashing
across a dry floor,
I say to a life-size
red-lipped Vintage Barbie
as she nods
in my direction:
I'm all wet,
the clothes are

I'm listening to the rain in Portland and getting
restless for an old-timey Minneapolis thunderstorm.
Mo' Nature does make the real thing back
in the Midwest, I can guarantee you that one.

Copyright September 2,2013
All Rights Reserved by this Author
Melissa A Howells
Meloo from her tilt-a-world
This actually happened in Minneapolis

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