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I thank God when I mention  you,
That you remain faithful and true;
When I mention you in my prayer,
For all your tender loving care.
You have faithfulness to the Lord,
And you remain in one accord;
Your love for all of His people,
And remembering His Gospel.
As you share the faith and the love,
I pray your thoughts comes from above;
In Christ of all the blessings got,
For His glory that we have sought.
You have in common with others,
A fellowship with Christian brothers;
And relationship to sisters,
That the Gospel administers.
Your love gives joy to encourage,
And that gives you the leverage;
For acquiring the wisdom,
Preparing others for His Kingdom.
You comfort the children of God,
While giving honor and laud;
For Christ makes us quite bold enough,
Through the hard times to hang tough.
So we are to do the right thing,
As to what His wisdom may bring;
But I urge on basis of love,
Compassionately look thereof.
Since we are brothers in the Lord,
Let not my request be ignored;
Refresh my heart through Jesus Christ,
Comfort me that I sacrificed.

Copyright © 2013 Richard Newton Sherrer

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