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sonny terry and brownie mcghee 1960 Revised

they were strolling down carr lane
unrecognised and on their own
how could these blues heroes
walk the streets unknown

we slipped in through a back stage door
sneaked up that flight of stairs
followed music to a dressing room
and suddenly we were there
they never even asked us
 just who we were
only just pointed
to two empty chairs
and they laughed and they chatted
passed the whisky bottle round
and we sat there in wonder
two country lads up in town
sonny played the mouth harp
brownie played a blues song
and they were so pleased
when we sang along
sonny gave me a harp lesson
alan played on brownies guitar
oh those sweet memories
coming back from a afar
three times we were caught
each time being released
only to slip back
then they threatened the police
and in spite of anything
sonny or brownie could say
they took us down the stairs
made us go away
but we sang with sonny and brownie
that very special day
memories like those
just don't slip away
they were kings of the blues
our heroes from afar
but sonny taught me mouth harp
brownie let alan play on his guitar

they remembered us from the night before
and we had a long laugh and a talk
then we sadly went back to work and
they continued with their walk

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sonny terry and brownie mcghee 1960 Revised