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 once upon a time

We speak of mcniece, hewitt, heaney and the like, but oft times
we forget the greats of the long ago, So here goes a poem by one
of the forgotten men William periceval French,or simply percy french.

When we're children at our lesons, it is beautiful
to think of the good time that is coming lateron:-
When we've done with silly copybooks and horrid
pens and ink, what a lovely time is coming later on!

The rivers of New Zeland, the mountains of Peru
The watersheds of Europe, and the tribes of timbuctoo.
All the facts without the fancies, all the tiresome and the true
Will be nowhere in that lovely later on.

We'll forget the foolish fables that were written by Fontaine,
In the pleasent time thats coming later on:
At those twelve times tables we'll never look again
In the lazy time that's coming later,

The date of manga Charta, the plot they call the rye,
the counties that are bounded by the Humber and the Wye.
We may not quite forget them, but we men to have a try
in the lazy time that's coming later on.

Oh, my optimistic hero, there are lessons you must learn
In the queer time that is coming later on.
Miss Fortune is a governess who'll teach you many things
A tutor called experience will moderate your flings,
you'll learn how men make money, and you'll learn it has wings
In the strange times that are coming later on.

Then you'll meet the radiant vision who is all the world to you
( you'll attend her mothers lectures later on)
You'll what's enough for one is not enough for two
Nor enough for half a dozen later on.
NO, the work is never ended, though for holidays you crave.

There are popguns to be mended for the robbers in the cave
You fancy you're the master, but you find that you're a slave
To a curly headed tyrant lateron.
And so through all your lifetime you are longing for the day,
the lovely day that's coming later on.
When pen and ink and copybooks will all be laid away.

And that day is surely coming later on, for when you're
really tired, having done your level best, when the story's
nearly ended, and the sun sets in the west, then you'll
lie down very gently, and the weary will find rest and
i fancy we'll deserve ir- later on, later on later on.

oh the many friends have gone, sweet lips that
smiled and loving eyes that shone.
Through the darkness into light, one by one
they've winged their flight and perhaps we'll play 


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