mental abscess 
  amy o'sullivan

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 Untitled (Loyal Above All)

When too much is no longer enough
And too long is too little time
And chasing your dreams has become a nightmare
And nothing good comes to your life
And sadness is welcome company
For numbness is all you know
And yearn you for misery pain agony
Some signal to alert you that you breathe
And through open mouth comes silent screams
And though you grow weary continue you must
For merely existing we lose all our guts
And cowardice leads to eventual demise
But fear runs too deep
Into life it creeps
And twists that which we know to be true
Runs amuck, leaving havoc in its wake.
So what's left to fight for when all you've loved has been destroyed?
When all you've trusted have only betrayed?
when all you've loved have only given hate?
For spite indeed I go forth
To prove I need none
Strength beyond strength
Clinging to threads I may be
But knowing throughout that I be loyal above all
To me.

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