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Trees And Things

So Jacko Jackson's car
is halfway up this tree
and we're just sitting there
Old Jacko and me.
And then from the road
we heard this  shout
and Jacko said we should
maybe try and get out.

So we stood on the road
chatting with these blokes
looking at the car cracking
tree climbing jokes,
then with their help
we eased the lady down.
No real damge evident as
we looked carefully around.

We said thank you so much
and we're both all ok
and we started for the car
to be off on our way,
but one of the villagers
looking at Jacko and me,
leaned through the window
and confiscated the keys.

 We could have them back
the very next day
and the Fest was waiting
so be on your way.
Hours later me and Jacko
left the Chief and Elli's bar.
It took two days to remember
where we'd left his car.

We thanked the villager for
his consideration and care
once we remembered and
finally got back there.
She started first time and
Jacko said I think
its a jolly good reason for
a celebratory drink.

Very very carefully
he drove the car
the half mile or so
 to Chief and Elli's bar.
Its an amazingly long time
since that interrupted drive:
even more amazing is the fact
 Jacko and me are both still alive.

The Chief and Elli's gone,
now a hotel  twice the size
but I still saw it through
that teenager's eyes;
I looked last year but
I just couldn't see
that tricky little bend
or that car catching tree.


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