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Four cats
Two dogs
Two men
One old lady
Two out of four cats sleeping
One dog on the couch
One man gone somewhere
The other drinking coffee
Trying to bare
The Saturday stuff
Like me
Let it be

Dishes to do
Floors to sweep
Laundry to fold
Ba Bleep Ba Bleep La Beep
Find a present
For my little sister
She's 46 today
Later going North
At another sister's house
To play

Cake and roast
Middle-sister host
Laugh and talk
It's a lot

Picked up rolls
Of toilet paper
Scattered by one dog
He was mad cause
One man left
This Northwest mud bog
Took him for a walk then
Got out my bicycle
Clean up this mess
Before I'm in a pickle

Play THE LAC'S while I can
Please mam
While Southern Dirty Rap's my game
It drives one man insane
But he's gone
Urban homie
Sittin' here is this shawty

Pick up the weeds
From the creek
I pulled 2 nights ago
It blows
Now all wet
From Northwest rain
You wanted muddy, ladyinsane

Need to find a 1/8th inch drive
That fits the 10mm socket
Just to fix a bike brake
That keeps me from riding the rocket
Bike trail behind this place
Need a helmet or could face
Some kind of ticket writing
Saturday stuff is inviting

Get up off your ass girl
Spin in another world
Where nurses and poets ran away
Saturday stuff going on all day

Get your country girl on
Shine on
Never be put upon
By the man who saved me
From being called a
Bitch, a whore
It makes me cry
Want to die
And I deserve more
Than some foul-mouthed punk
Back there
Getting down on me
I'll pray for your soul
Young girl
Because I'm here at 5 years celibacy

Somehow have to go on
Get the bad things out of mind
Dry the tears that are flowin'
I'm no longer in that place of crime
People here are family
They are nice to me
Saturday stuff shining
From the abuse I'm free

Livin' in the Northland
Trees and flowers growing
Loving in the Southland
THE LACS music glowing
Keepin' a keeper sanging
With the voice of twanging
Mud city music makes me live
So Saturday stuff is easy to give

And I will give
To those deserving
Until down a Valley Highway
I'll go swerving
And the ones who think I'm wack
Are all the way there in
The back
Of my Saturday stuff
And for me
It's enough.

9/14/2013 1200 cj

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