Songs of Our Past

       Songs of Our Past               September 14, 2013

Is it wrong to sing songs of our past?
The troubles of my land, remember my past
My country and my people died
We still think about this, I was there, I cried
A peaceful nation divided by force
Attack mother Ireland, changed our course
Wolfetone died as Ireland cried, tell me why
Others followed, I'll name just a few
Young men and women that my country knew
Kevin so young to be taken away
Hanged in the gallows, he wanted to be free
We still ask why? About the Gibraltar three
Marraid, I still cry beneath this Irish sky
You're in our thoughts as we sing songs of the past
Aiden Mc Anespie killed for a thrill
Auchnacloy child goodbye
You were taken from Ireland, just a young boy
Loughall was another as they died as one
Eight children of Ireland were taken and done
Many children of Ireland, memories of the past
Have gone to the sky, we still ask why
Remember the ten, the blanket men
Taken from us, never happen again
My God please listen to Irelands call
We think of our heroes, loving them all
Is it wrong to sing the songs of our past?
The troubles of my land, remember my past

Gerrard McGeachy

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