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Broken - wounded hearts - where love lies bleeding on the cold 
Hard ground of bitter winter's lair - with only fragments left to salvage 
Of the raw emotions of despair - like those who grasp as if to catch 
The falling rain - before it steals silently away and disappears -
While mingled with the overflow of salty  - pain-filled 
Tears .

For those who stand and watch this sorrow - breaking all the rules of 
Love's once bloom - we too can feel the weight of sadness - pain and
Gloom - as it descends and covers all within its shroud and covering 
Tomb - of grief and loss - where - no winners gather to retrieve the golden
Band - or scattered kisses crushed beneath the shattered pieces - and 
The dross . 

Such is the devastation of the broken vows - or promised dreams - that 
Lay in ruins now - as of a once great house - demolished and forever gone -
With only charred remains - and soot - left to be seen - Is there no antidote
To such a melancholy wrong - or soothing place to turn - from such a sad
Refrain - and mournful song ?

From one who knows the pain of grief and loss - I speak with honest tongue 
Of only Him - to whom my shattered longings seek - and heartaches yearn - as
In the depths of all that seems forever irretrievable and gone - He's there -  as 
One who knows and cares - what pain and suffering has cost - as I now kneel -
With eyes still wet with tears - beneath His love-strewn healing and 
Restoring Cross .

Oh love that will not let me go - take all the broken pieces of these hearts I 
Offer You - and let Your healing balm - pour in the wounds of deepest pain 
Of unrequited love - and sorrow's sad refrain - and breath Your breath of Life 
Into the open chasms of the soul - and make the Sparrows with the broken
Wings - fly high once more - beyond the darkest night - as free  and
Healed -  and whole .


This poem came about when two members of my family were 
going through the sadness of broken relationships and heartache .

May the Lord reach down and heal their hearts , so they too 
will rise up out of the ashes of despair and
Fly again...and any others who are 
brokenhearted and sad 
right now .

God bless you ..

Stella ><

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