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A Plce Of Safety

I've not driven for two years
I sit in the passenger side
And the manners of other drivers
Make it a white knuckle ride.
Ignition on, brain off
Seems to be the way
Can't think of any other reason
For the way most drive today.
Parking Is a nightmare.
There should be plenty of spaces
Were it not for the.... who
Just park across two places.
And when they come and go
Is there really any need
To zoom across car parks
At such breakneck speed.

Oh to be seven foot tall
With muscles in my spit
And a police warrant Card
Would help just a little bit.
I could use my little truncheon
To smash through their door
With just a gentle whack
To put them on the floor.
It's more law enforcement
That we really need
Perhaps the death Penalty
For those who kill by speed.
For anti social driving
Castrate the silly fool
Too many idiots already
In the national Gene pool.

Psychological assessments
As part of the driving test:
Weed out homicidal twits
And only pass the best
Compulsory skill Checks
At least every three years
To check if there is a brain
Residing between the ears.
Oh I could wax eloquent for hours
With no fear of rejection
But guess I'll soon be asleep
They've just given me my injection.
It's basket work tomorrow
And then I'm knitting socks
I could get to like this place
If it weren't for all the locks.

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A Plce Of Safety