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Fat Sam's Dancing Place (Revised)

there's a special little door
at the bottom of our street
that only can be seen
by those with dancing feet
for those not in the know
it's just a wall of bricks
but you should see what happens
in response to soft shoe kicks
there's a little misty shimmer
then a transparent space
and suddenly you're through
to fat sam's dancing place
a multi dimensional happening
lodged between hyper spatial nodes
or just in plain english
a dimensional criss cross roads
you can dance a hoochie
with an alien life form
bipedal hominoids
are here just not the norm
they are dancing on the ceiling
on all the walls and floor
at fat sam's dancing place
up and down don't matter any more
the room stretches on for ever
yet really its so small
if fact some of us think
it isn't really there at all
oh i'm in seventh heaven
rocking to an alien rave
guess when push comes to shove
i'm just a jive addicted slave
when its time to leave
just thinking it does the trick
the slightest little tremor
and you're outside that wall of brick
sometime i even wonder
if things are as they seem
or is it just a fantasy
and i am in a dream
fat sam's dancing place
where aliens and humans meet
through that special little door
at the bottom of our street

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Fat Sam`s Dancing Place (Revised)