Freedom for Ireland

Freedom for Ireland             September 28, 2013

To live in freedom with a country at peace
Let the people sing, let the killing cease
Freedom for Ireland is the word of today
To many deaths, we're here to stay
We don't lie down to the force
Paddy go away, another day
You came to our country and made us sad
We will not lie down to mother England
Our Irish deaths stay in our past
Many deaths at the hand of the other
Aiden's gone. We still ask why?  Rest in peace
Marraid, Sean, Danny, Irish killings must cease
No more, no more, said my Irish mother
Go home you foreign people, you have killed enough
The government of the day ignores the call
How many children die for England's cause
To wear the uniform, to ignore human rights
We wait for you, on a dark Irish night
We'll send you home to remember the fight
Cromwell came to kill us, you came back again
We are still prepared to die, beneath our Irish cry
Leave my country mother England, go before you die
Leave Ireland for the Irish, it's easy if you try

Gerrard McGeachy

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