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A gentle rain began one day
In a city gray as steel
A young girl stepped into a doorway
And swept the damp from her hair
Among the black umbrellas
She shone like wedding white
Not bothered by the rain at all
Enthralled by smell and sound
An ancient presence joined her there
Stooped with the weight of time
Yet radiant with a scarlet scarf
Around her silver hair
A raincoat grazed her ankles
And engulfed her diminuative frame
Her hands were smooth, yet veined with age
Her face a map of smiles
She glanced at the young one standing near
And gave her a Renaissance smile
"Have you far to go?" the youngster said
To the peaceful, silvered sage
She sweetly turned her weathered face
And stared with vanGogh eyes
The young one smiled and met her gaze
And heard the elder say,
"You are a guardian of the broken,
the mercy of love's embrace
...a monument of beauty
full of overcoming grace."
A symphony of rain fell down
And heaven cast its spell
"I beg your pardon?" the young one said,
"I've seen the gates of hell."
And then she winced at thought of her scars,
Some outside, most within
"I'm sorry, m'am, no disrespect,
I'm not who you think I am."
But somehow she knew that Wisdom spoke
She knew that Light was near
"I was there in the womb of your creation;
Each breath you take, I hear."
The girl paled and swayed away
She touched the rain-soaked wall
And fear began to seize her mind
Till the presence took her hand
"Your purest heart's compassion
has set your place on high;
Your words will shake the centuries.
My child, you're meant to fly."
A whisper smile lit up her face
The young one shed a tear
The rain gentled and billows of blue
Adorned the sky again
The elder slipped her scarf aside
Prepared to take her leave
The young one, stunned and tear-stained,
Murmured, "Stay a little while...please?"
"I have a promise to keep, dear Isca,
Your storm has passed you by."
Then the pure heart watched as the silvered one
Became the rainbowed sky


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