The soul has much to say

I know you...




                    You have

                    to understand



                    of the heart


                    can redeem

                    your tomorrow


                    Crawling down

                    memory lane


                    I was struck

                    by my image



                     days past



                    and I


                    soon bowed

                    our heads together





                    Inquiry from

                    my bygone youth


                    What brought

                    you back?


                    Where have

                    you been?


                    Why did

                    you leave?


                    Are you here

                    to stay?


                    Today's hands







                    I whispered


                    I'm here

                    for the right reason


                    Not  due to

                    of the love



                    a good woman


                    My angel eyed



                    Not out

                    of guilt


                    nor the sense

                    of responsibility


                    My  Lord

                    simply said


                    it's time


                    The weight

                    of my absence


                    has been






                    I now breathe

                    wholesome air


                    My dreams

                    are pristine


                    No longer



                    All things

                    are new


                    I simply

                    can't remember


                    where I've



                    I only



                    where I'm






                    *Written for me, myself...and I












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I know you...

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