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I come from ‘ull, pal
Shout it out loud
I come from ‘ull, pal
‘ull born, Yorkie proud
Its struggled
And juggled
To break from the past
And maybe just maybe
There’s light at last

We played our part in the civil war
Even more
You could say we started it all
Keeping the king outside our walls
Willie Wilberforce was our MP
His house a museum for all see
It’s thanks to the moves he made
That finally finished
The vile slave trade

They called us an unidentfied
Northern Coastal Town
During World War Two
When Bombs rained down
This city suffered for your favourite dish
Losing many lives for your cheap fish
For years just famous
for a bridge to nowhere
But there’s a pride building
now and we care

So I come from ‘ull pal
It’s my home town
And I’ll fight for your right
To talk it down
Doesn’t mean when
you’ve had your say
I’ll just let you
quietly walk away
Cos I ‘m from ‘ull pal
And we’ve had enough
We’re coming back
And fighting rough

The spirit of ‘ull rides inside
An overcoat of Yorkshire pride
I’m from ‘ull pal
Just want you to know
We’re gonna fight
Make this city grow
You all know that there
Used to be a bridge to nowhere
But now it’s working and its pride is full
And I’m telling you pal,
I come from ‘ull,
shout it out loud
‘ull born and Yorkie proud
I come from ‘ull

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`ull (rewritten)