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Lull the Day to Night

found in an old notebook
dated 6-11-2007

Gently, Night sighs.
Another day drowned.

Engulfing her in liquid shadow
Night calms Lady Day
with soft cricket sounds.
He seduces, laying her to sleep,
soothing Her sun-burnt forehead,
smoothing her furrowed brow.

"Join your dreams, he intones, my Dew-Dappled Darling.
Into sleep, where you'll lie on blankets of peace.
Ease out of your worn daily garments...
Slip into comfortable vesper's downy sleep."

"Let no cares, no worries
disturb you.
Let the Sandman scatter his sifted seeds of brown."

Deftly, gently Night plies his quiet craft.
Cooing softly as the weary Day lays
Herself down.

Legal Copyright September 30, 2013 date stamped
All Rights Reserved By This Author Melissa A. Howells
All Poetry/Prose/Rants/ Ideas Are The Legal Property of this Writer
Legal Copyright for this Site Title: Meloo straight from her tilt-a-World

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