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At The Britannia Hotel

At the Britannia Hotel
For a weekend away,
We were just hoping
 A quiet place to stay.
Three o'clock in the morning
Cuddling uptight
 The fire alarm suddenly
 Shrieked through the night.
We ran to the reception
In various states of undress
Some wearing more
Some wearing less.
Just a false alarm,
The night staff said
So very soon we were
 Snuggled back in bed.

I couldn't help thinking
How awkward it could be
If a guest were indulging
In a game of fantasy,
All dressed and tied
In full bondage gear,
Embarrassment mingling
With natural fear,
Being led to to the muster
By the chain around his waist
By the striking young lady
Dressed in appropriate taste.
Oh the humiliation,
Standing there for all to see
But thanks to his costume
Unable to break free.

Of course it didn't happen but
It helped cope with the pain
As the fire alarm went off
Again and again and again.
I couldn't stop laughing
At the wicked thought
Of the poor bloke so
Mortified at being caught,
Packing his case and
Keeping out of sight
Slipping away quietly
In the middle of the night.
At the Britannia hotel
I thought I would weep
But the laughter instead
Sent me back off to sleep.


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At The Britannia Hotel