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Nouvelle Cuisine

When I was a young man
The only thing to be
Was a hairdresser
On the nation's TV:
Daily they pouted
Crimping and waving
And to my mind
Outrageously behaving.

Now in my sagacious days
The times they have a changed:
It's celebrity chefs these days
Looking partially deranged
As they finger and tinker
And mess with their food
Into the most unappetizing
Concoctions ever viewed.

To Egocentric hash slingers
From over paid hairdressers
One mauling food,
The other hair tresses.
I know I'm just a peasant but
When I see their plated muck
My stomach takes a tremor
And I need to upchuck.

At least in the past
Those weird crimpers
Cutting  away
With smiles and simpers
Only made creations
From their messing about
So ephemeral that
In time they grew out.

Nouvelle cuisine
With its outrageous style
Is only on the plate
For a little while
But for me
Their dubious taste
Just takes good food
And turns it to waste

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Nouvelle Cuisine