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Why would we serve our nation is a mystery to some people
and especially those who love nothing more than to trash
our good names, our service and our own courageous deeds
as we were all defending the freedom of this world of ours
and they have always seemed to take great pleasure calling
all of us who have served in the military as murders and
baby killers back then and even to this very day some still do
because we had stepped forward to defend our nation, our
own citizens and that we had helped out our allies in times
of war and other conflicts as they too defended freedom.

I still feel some bitterness in my own heart and my soul
as I remember how it was back then in America and I still
find it very hard to understand the rational of protesters
and their actions against some of our returning warriors.
I still have some sadness in my own mind as I recall that
shocking welcome home treatment I received in California
when I was returning home from the war in Vietnam as I'd
waited for the bus outside the main gate at Travis AFB to
take me to the San Francisco airport for my flight home.
I recall all those names those protesters had called out
at me and how one of the girls had run up to me and threw
old ox blood in a container down the front of my uniform
and how angry she was as she yelled at me for making it
back home without being killed and sent home in a box.  

In my own nightmares I still remember their cold hearts
and the vicious words that they had screamed at me and
a fellow airman who was also returning that morning too
and I found it very hard to believe what they'd actually
done and the things that they had said to the both of us
as returning serviceman from that very vicious war. They
had to have been complete fools and idiots to have said
what they had said to us back then and yet there's some
who to this very day who will still make nasty comments
when they see me proudly wearing my Vietnam Veteran hat.
They never had to face any dangers that we faced over
there as we defended their freedom and rights, because
we were the ones who chose to serve and defend our own
nation and we volunteered to risk our own lives to help
save all those innocent victims of the Vietnam War.

I think back to those days and I guess they could not
grasp the reality of what was really happening over in
Vietnam to those who couldn't possibly defend themselves
or their own families from all the VC who were trying to
take over their own nation by force and who were killing
any and all those who had opposed them. Somehow in their
heads they had this huge vacuum that once contained their
brain but unlike most normal people, their brains did not
comprehend the big overall picture as to what victims of
communist aggressions faced from the North Vietnamese and
the VC who were determined to take over South Vietnam and
rule it's own people by force.

If our own nation was under attack wouldn't you want us to
try to save you and your own family from any enemies trying
to defeat our nation and who would then kill or enslave you
and your own family and your relatives? Our own ancestor's
fought in many wars and many conflicts to defend their own
families and their own future generations as well. You and
your family and all of your relatives freedoms and your own
rights have always been guaranteed because of the warriors
who have always step forward to defend our nation and our
own people and allies as well in times of war or conflicts.

Sadly there are still many people in our nation who will
use those same rights that we fought for and many of us
had died to protect for them so that they can use them to
trash those of us who have stood up and defended our own
nation and our own citizens. We have always stood up and
we have always protected and defended those who asked us
to help them to maintain their freedom and we have always
helped out our allies and their citizens whenever they've
asked us to stand up with them whether it was back in Nam
or even now in the world that we live in today.

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

The trauma from having served in that very hostile and deadly
land was bad enough during the war, but then we had also faced
many other things there that could kill you quickly besides an
enemy combatant. There were also other things there too such as
many deadly snakes and other creatures that roamed around that
country, the weather was terrible too and when it was monsoon
season you could easily die from heat stroke from the severe
temperatures throughout Vietnam and many of us still have very
real nightmares from having a run in with one of those deadly
cobra's. But the thing that affected me the most from serving in
that war was the treatment that we had received by our so-called
countrymen and women who greeted us with such hostility when we
came back to the United States of America and we landed in the
state of California and upon leaving Travis AFB, to catch our
bus to the San Francisco Airport to get a plane ride back home
we were verbally assaulted by those nut cases and then too we
had many who had faced physical assaults by protesters too.

This treatment I will never forget or forgive in my own lifetime!

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