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Time is Like an Ocean

Time flows on, sweeping away memories on its relentless wave;
Desperately I cling, trying in vain to save
What has long since vanished, never to return;
Only ashes remain, after the paper you burn.

Foolish and pitiful, to long for what cannot be
The sound of a voice, touch of a hand, a form to see.
What I would not give for just one more day;
Far more than my humble words can say.

My father, my solid rock on whom I could always count;
My dear friend David, his wit an endless fount.
Daniel my brother, too late I appreciate your great heart;
Sweet sister Elaine, where do I start?

How my heart aches for the time I wasted away,
The things I did not do, the words I did not say.
Too arrogant perhaps, believing time held no sway o'er me.
Blinded by pride, the truth I refused to see.

Now the dread wave receeds, leaving flotsam in its wake;
Shattered refuse only, those of value it takes.
Some say time is like a river, or never ending stream.
I say time is like an ocean, crushing every hope and dream.

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Time is Like an Ocean