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Oops, I Dump Chuckie

“Oops, I Dump Chuckie”
Written by Loi for November 8, 2003

When I go to the barber place,
I see a hot man with a long hair bow
He wears a green sweater with cross necklace
He is working as a barber; fixing the man's hair
Ooh, I kept staring at him
Oops, I dump Chuckie
I make Chuckie jealous
Oh, yeah
It must be I getting lost
Lost Chuckie, oh, boy

I dump Chuckie, yeah
I play with Chuckie's heart
It's time for Chuckie and me apart
Oh, yeah
Oops, I dump Chuckie
He fined me cheatin' on him
That I'm a player
With the heart of Chuckie
Oops, I dump Chuckie