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It's been a long road 

Waiting for our turn 

Burning dollars and 

Spinning days


Watching stars shoot 

Holding hands ...

It's a real life fairy tale

You, and I


Secrets and whispers

Laughs and heartache 

A foundation to be envied


No quick pick 

Or shuffled match me

By building steel hearts

And healing old wounds


Defying cookie-cutter cliches

And peer culture hype

They all pay for status quo -

Rolling the dice for 

little luck on their folly


Our perseverance

Separate it all ...

A unique, detailed,

and well crafted love 

One built without laze 


Divinely chosen, indeed


A story to be told

When death do us part



finishing touches

We anchor our souls

kissing again

sealing fate 


we have our past

And now our forever 


To laugh, to love 

To live 














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Finishing Touches