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How can anyone stay pure,
When they are enticed by a lure;
There is so much that is around,
Stimulates us in sight and sound.
You can do it holding the Word,
And close your ears to what is heard;
Then close your eyes unto the sight,
Let the Word guide you to the light.
Make sure you wholeheartedly search,
For answers when you are at church;
Your pastor can help you to abide,
His laws for keeping them inside.
You must treasure them in your heart,
Engrave them within as to impart;
So you may not sin anymore,
Ensuring that you lock the door.
Thanks be to the Lord to teach,
As pastors are able to preach;
So we can remember His laws,
And not worry about the flaws.
So with my lips I can repeat,
Every rule that my they meet;
Leaving no chance for omission,
Of your spiritual nutrition.
I find happiness in the way,
As it is written to obey;
Joy of all kinds more than I find,
That allows me to ease my mind.
I want to go study the ways,
The guiding principles these days;
As to meditate and reflect,
And giving the utmost respect.

Copyright © 2013 Richard Newton Sherrer

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