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She’s become a football freak!
When TV tuned she’s at her peak!
New Orleans Saints get her applause…
Those Who Dat dudes open her jaws!

She watches several TV screens
And yells non- stop to New Orleans.
Like she knows what the game's about…
I only know three strikes you’re out…

But that must be another game…
See, sports has never called my name.
I do take some pride in the Saints!
Because, hey, they are no longer ain’t!!

But I'm not like her, by a long shot!
And a football freak I just am not!
Yeah, I’m proud they won the Super Bowl!
They really looked good in that role!

She’s got a thing for this Drew Brees!
Yeah, Number 9 is her main squeeze!
Of course, it’s only sports induced…
‘Cause the man she has still rules the roost!

And he put the Saints around her neck…
He bought her a fluer de lis, by heck!
She wears that necklace with great pride…
Frankly, the poor girl’s brain’s sport fried!

But, all that said, she’s still my sis
And I’ll watch the games if she insists.
After all, I’m from the Boot State, too
And we kick butt… that’s what boots do!!!

Doris Jacobs-Covington
October 12, 2013

~~Dedicated to my sister, Shirley~~
(And in memory of my sister Ginny,
who made the Super Bowl a North
and South conflict. )

~~Author’s Note~~
At my sister’s request this poem was given birth…
It’s simply a fun poem and one I had fun composing.
I’d never paid much attention to football until the
Saints won the Super Bowl championship in 2009.
Since then I’ve been watching their games with great
interest. I had just returned home, to Louisiana,
and was caught up in both my sisters’ excitement
over the Super Bowl…and the Saints actually did
come marching in!!!!



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