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What if you could hear,
A soft and kind voice;
Would you hide in fear,
Or would you rejoice.
What if you could see,
Image of a face;
To ask who is He,
Or reach to embrace.
What if you could feel,
The holes in His hand;
Do you dress to heal,
Or ask His command.
What if you could speak,
Then what would you say;
An answer to seek,
To ask as you pray.
What if your mind thought,
That this was the Christ;
Would your heart be sought,
Of love sacrificed.
What if Christ would tell,
I hardly know you;
Then send you to hell,
 Would you bid adieu.
What if you then heard,
The gnashing of teeth;
Would you speak the Word,
Save you from beneath.
What if one last plea,
Went to Jesus Christ;
For having mercy,
You would be sufficed.
What if it was time,
Given to pleasure;
Now you pay for crime,
Leaving your treasure.

Copyright © 2013 Richard Newton Sherrer

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