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Way up in The Himalayas
The Yeti Is hiding out
Wondering to himself
What the fuss is all about.
He knows he exists
Has known it for years,
But gets a little worried
When human tracks appear.

That mythical of species
Allegedly said to be
Down in the lowlands
Near the level of the sea.
But every body knows
Conditions are all wrong
For a normal species
To last there very long,

The climate is too warm
The air is too thick
For a being to survive
Without getting very sick.
The Old Yeti smiles
Those rumours have a reason:
They are after all in the middle
Of the Himalayan silly season.

Those tracks have been forged
Or at best misunderstood,
He'd like to find the culprit
If only he just could.
Ah, well the problem
Could wait for another year
He was getting very tired
As hibernation time drew near.

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