The Poetic Diary of Loi

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Album: “The Diary of the Moods” (2002-2003)

Album: “The Diary of the Moods” (2002-2003)
02.Fire Drill
05.My Favorite School Subjects
06.You write…
07.Oh, Boy
08.Show Love
09.The Gym Teacher
10.Teacher's Aide
11.First Timothy 6:18
12.The Family Learning Weekend
13.The Spirit Week
14.My Senior Trip to Pittsburgh
15.King James
16.The Policeman
17.Carlos Can't Talk
18.Friend Forever
19.150th SMSD Anniversary
20.Chuckie Tries
21.I'll Be Glad
22.Solomon 1:4 says
23.Chuckie's Offline
24.Verse to Rhyme
25.Border Line
26.Cop/MTV Singer
28.The Talkative Ron
29.The Prompt Andy
31.Fk the Bus Driver!
32.Oops, I Dump Chuckie
33.Drink the Beer
34.Let Dance
35.My Favorite…

This poetic album is based on the 2002-2003 diary of Loiriam Jimenez.