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Have you ever had that situation?
One minute you're lying asleep
The next you're awake
And in trouble deep.
On the pillow next to you where
There should be an empty space
Lies a pretty, sleeping, very
Feminine female face.
You look for the door and,
With a sense of doom
Realize very quickly
You're in a strange room,

The last thing you remember
Is being in a strange bar
So where on earth are your mates
And for that matter, where's your car.
This may be very nice
But all the same
Who on earth is
Miss What's her name.
She could cry for help
Or shout out rape,
Now's the time
For a strategic escape.

A sleeping arm flings out
And comes to rest
And suddenly you're lying
Naked breast to naked chest.
It's warm and it's nice and you
Think I might as well just stay
Tonight is tonight and
Tomorrow's just another day,
Remembering the proverb,
There's no need to rush,
Ďcos a bird in the hand
Is worth two in the bush.

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