The soul has much to say

Human epistle...


Look into my eyes

Watch our demons cannibalize each other

Our personal playground

The world owes us but it doesn't know us

Stay inside me my perfect damsel

Can't stop the rain but I'll give you the sun

We're legend to lovers young and old

Feeling my warmth

Tasting your sweetness

Our vast

Encompassing all of life

Aware of my origin minus you

I'm endless now that we're one

I'd write this in blood if you so desired

Rising like the daystar

Taking you higher still

Under the skin where we belong

Craving your frailty

Desiring my strength

Hand in hand

Is there anything stronger?

Wherever we tread becomes Eden

Carrying you up the steps of faith

Hearing your whispers of belief

Exchanging hearts

Our souls won't know the difference

Damn I love you

so much


for me...

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Human epistle...

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