The soul has much to say

Fusion of the soul...

Keep it simple

Warm and sweet

Color me blue

I know you

better than anyone

My identity

was never a mystery

We've always been

and always will be

To touch you

...there are no words

Your forgiving kiss

I now know

what a miracle taste like

Strange eyes believe my words

to be grandiose

They haven't seen me

in action

You expose

the best of me

And console

the rest of me

Pardon the interruption

My heart just skipped a beat

A habit that will never die

To watch the morning sun

bathe you

Elegant shoulders

The allure of the small

of your back

Don't ask me to speak

during these moments

You defy





my time


you look at me

and say

"Thank you"


that when it's time

for you to fade away

The wind that carries you

across forever

will be me

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Fusion of the soul...

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