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The old church has a church
And bibles
Approximately 170 people there
Nurses I used to work with
A doctor
I've worked with
And went to for 34 years
My bible study teacher who cared enough to care
Inside it's pink pews
And Jesus at the front of the congregation
It is my home.

God takes us to other places
We have to make those other places
A home too
Because as long as God and love is there
It's all that matters.

700 people go to this new church
Everything seems rushed
I would be afraid to ask them for anything
We don't even have a church or bibles
It is weird to be in a church without bibles
I try to be friends with the Pastor and Associate Pastor
But they do not respond much to me
Maybe it's because I am only a guest in the church
Not baptized yet and a stranger
Even though, I tried to be as open as I can
With my concerns
Jesus is there too
Perhaps someday in this old age of mine
These people will accept me
Sins and all

As God is love
I know it's hard to be loving
In this rushed world
Where the computer
Tells more than the bible will
To the young
To most middle
To some old
The old know more you are put here
To give your gifts to God
To be a steward of the Earth
To love others as you love yourself
I pray for the OLD CHURCH and the NEW CHURCH
If God is there it's good enough.

11/2/2013 1521 cj

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