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power of choice

Power of Choice
This morning, when I sat on solitude ,
a thought came into my mind,
The thought was that my past
has created my present.
I decided to check on the power of my choices,
And I started reflecting on
how I got to this place in my life.

This is always because
of the choices I made in the past.
By choosing one path
I have eradicated many other paths
And each choice opened
new opportunities for me.
This means, today, in my life
I am exactly where I chose to be.

There is no need to blame anyone
or regret anything in life,
Today let me be happy with my choices,
And respect the power of my choices,
And lead a contented life,
because of the best choices,
I have made in the past in my life.
ŠAdikaran 23/12/11.