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It was a pleasant evening,
and I was walking on the street,
A boy and a girl ,two lovers,
Walking on the streets,holding hands,
both talking to each other asking
tell me what happens when you ,
see me and tell me you love me ,
my heart is beating quite fast ,
and your words are so sweet,
and tell me you are happy with me,
tell me you love me.

The boy looked at the girl
and tells the girl ,you are my love,
you are beautiful,when you are with me,
I feel very happy,and when you are there,
my world is around you,tell me you love me,
and you are happy with me.

I thought you too are the love birds walking
on the street telling each others, love me,
I blessed them in my mind and said live longer,
and cherish in your love.


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Love Birds