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Many Have Worked Hard & Lost Everything They Owned


Dear Lord I ask that you help those who need it
That they can feed their own families each day
Provide them shelter for love ones now homeless

So many families who have lost their incomes
Have very little to look forward to each day
People are demanding payments for bills due

Many have lost their homes, cars and dignity too
So many now suffer though it's not their fault
Those in charge have taken everything of worth

They destroyed what had been once great companies
Never caring once about those they caused to suffer
They have run those companies down into the ground

These greedy parasites CEO's have taken everything
But they'll survive the fall and they will never suffer
For they had their golden parachutes with which to land

Their own families will never be homeless or go hungry
They will still drive their own luxury sedans and SUV's
While those who had worked for thirty years get nothing

Terry Sasek - All Rights Reserved.

So many families have worked extremely hard for so many years
only to have their retirement investments stolen by the greedy
corporate CEO's who have stripped the companies and then shut
the doors for good. I see everyday how so many companies have
thrown their workers who had been very loyal and hard working
out into the streets with their lives & futures now destroyed
by the actions of these damn greedy so called leaders of these
industries who couldn't have cared in the least bit as to you
or what would happen to you or your family once they threw you
out on the street as long as they got their ill gotten gains &
profits while everyone else loses everything they'd worked so
hard for in their own lives.

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Many Have Worked Hard & Lost Everything They Owned