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Everyone Is Suffering From Hard Times Now!

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We all have had bad times at one point or another
We may even have felt sorry for ourselves then too
But it's how we handle it that determines who we are

Whenever I was down and nothing seemed to go right
It was then that I asked God to lead me through it
He never leads you to it without leading you out

So no matter what challenges we may face in life
God will show us the way through to the other side
So always keep your faith and believe in our lord

Thousands are facing hard times and losing jobs
And many have lost homes too in this economy
As bad as it seems God will bring us through it

Terry Sasek - All Rights Reserved.

May our lord bless and protect all of you
and your families during these very bad
times, and help you to get through this
situation  and to again see much better
times for you and your families and for
your friends and neighbors as well.

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Everyone Is Suffering From Hard Times Now!