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Me and my sister, 

waited for you

I remember being at the hospital

When I was only about two


When God breathed into your body

And gave you a beautiful heart

A mother and a father 

Who loved you from the start


He crafted you in her womb 

With feet that would dance

(He gave your father the platform

To give you that chance) 


Mom says you were easily 

The one with the least pain,

And now our family complete

With only rich future to gain


Days went on

And God kept his plan,

He provided you first

With the good hearted man 


He blessed you on top

With a baby many can't have

With health, with provision

With it's own mom and dad


He gave you riches

He gave you worth

And he continued to bless you

Despite any hurt


God showered you with mercy

All the way through 

But Only  to find out

That It didn't please you


You threw it all 

in a big garbage can

Screamed and yelled

"I hate your plan!"


You stand with a perception

Smothered in lies

 Constantly showing

You're unsatisfied 


Meanwhile grandparents

church people, and friends

Are starting to see

You must never cared for them


Your selfish desires 

Is all you see 

You accuse people of judgments

And no one agrees 


You make false accusations

And tear people apart

Meanwhile refusing

To search your own heart


Our years are limited

On this very earth

I can never imagine questioning

My own family's worth


Almost lost my mom

But God gave us grace

Now I watch my own sister

Make fun of her face


There are no words

For who you've become

But I know God still loves you

Despite what you've done 


I'll never stop loving 

Nor thinking of you 

Or , of all the great things

We used to do


I know you already 

Know what we see

I know your in denial

And don't agree


It's really so sad

To watch you go

But before I walk

I just wanted you to know








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